NCDOT # FA403

​             MSHA # 31-02215


Westside Minerals offers several products for all your needs. Our concrete sand, mortar sand meet NCDOT specifications and are NCDOT certified. We take pride in our products as well as our mine. We offer a sand clay mixture, fill sand, topsoil and pea gravel sand and rock mix. We also keep several aggregates in stock such as # 57 stone, 78 M, ABC stone, UCL base, and Class B rip rap. Local pick up or delivery is available with 24 hours notice. We have Three certified weigh masters and scales on site. Drop by for a visit and take a tour of the facility. Our location is 3043 Kennedy Home Rd, La Grange, NC, just 4 miles off Hwy 70 W in the falling creek area. Our hours of operations are Mon- Thurs 7:30 AM till 4:30 PM and Fri 7:30 AM till 2:00 PM

List of Screened Fine Aggregates
Concrete Sand: (NC DOT FA403) NC DOT approved 2S washed sand to make Concrete.
Mortar Sand: (NC DOT FA403) NC DOT approved 4S. Extremely fine sand. Used to make mortar mix used under the base of pattio's and used under above ground swimming pool liners.

List of Soils

Fill Sand: Sand with small stones not screened. Great for Horse stables, filling in holes that needs drainage and great for under new construction homes.

Sand Clay: Mixture of Sand & Clay. Used to back fill areas, used for building pads and to form concrete pads, driveways and foundations.

Fill Dirt: Natural fill dirt before any stones or sticks are removed.

Topsoil: Natural topsoil before any stones or sticks are removed.

Pea Gravel: Sand mixed with several size stones. They range from a 1/8" to 1/2" diameter. Used mostly for driveways, plant landscaping and great filler for holes in paths.

  List of Stone Products
ABC Stone: 1/8" to 1" stone. Used for driveways, farm paths or under car shelters.

Class B Rip Rap: Sizes range from a tennis ball to a basketball. Used for drainage and usually put at the end of driveway pipe and on steep slopes to keep from eroding.

# 57 Stone: 1/2" to 3/4" washed stone. Used in septic tank lines and for french drains.

UCL Base: Fine screenings. Great for driveways, shelters, carports or farm paths. Compacts great and is a great driveway filler.